News from the French Cup University

News anim 06

Fresh news of the progress of this race at the level of “national and international” participation.

The work already provided augurs well for the organization of this event. Proof of this is that already the inscriptions listed exceed the expectations, the success is at the “rendez-vous”, so much the better.

Dixit Fabrice Payet of the SUAPS, the level on this cup of France University “is beautiful” with the presence in men and women of the best “hopes” of the French trail.

He gives us a point on the inscriptions:

– 265 students (including 20 coaches) from France

– some twenty foreigners (a dozen different nationalities including Lucy Bartholomew – Australia)

– thirty Reunion Island students are expected.

Thank you Patrice, so with almost 300 students participating in the race, it is a beautiful challenge that awaits both the runners but also the organizers of the University and the RCSD partner.

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