Photos 2017, results

First of all, all the results are available on the website of Sportpro our partner, but also on our page “Palmares” for each race and highlight those of the participants of the RCSD.

20170605 TDC Course 1071


New pictures today 11 june 2017 (Lucien)

Now the pictures:

– all of Lolo are available here to view or download for free. A small slide show of some photos taken from this set of more than 1550 photos awaits you right away on this page.

– all of Lucien are available here to view or download for free.

Thank you for coming back from time to time on this page since I await the photos of other photographers, Lucien, Florent, Nathalie ….

I also invite you to go and discover all the following Facebook pages where many articles and photos are published.

This year again thank you to all the many photographers to have invested on our race:

– page of the Trail of the Colorado where are published various articles and photos in particular of Eric Lacroix

page of the French University Cup of Trail 2017

page of Carine Nadia Maignan, several albums of photos, videos, on the TDC and the Coupe de France

page of Mister Bouba (Patrick Lauret) who was also present

page of Runraid, thanks to Michel

page of ZotZimages Abraham


Also go to the “Pro” page of René Carayol to discover these clichés, are here.

If other photographers are ready to put at their disposal their pictures that they contact me so that I can distribute them on this site or I send them directly via for example the site to this address: rcsdcontact @


Quite chatted here is the slideshow :