The Race 2017

Monday 5th june 2017


Colorado Trail : A great race in Réunion Island


Localisation Réunion 

In the “North Heights” of Reunion island, this trail count 3 races to permit each other to enjoy the pleasure of the mountain race.

In going and coming back the leisure parc (Colorado) dominating Saint-Denis and Indian Ocean, the 3rd events take place on the path.

Affiche Colorado A3_17 V2

Rules of the race


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Here are the hourlies


Colorado Trail a 42 kms and a 24 + 18 km relay at precisely 7:00 am

Trail University French Cup, a 22,4 km trail at precisely 7:30 am

Musaraigne, Nordic Walk and Hiking 5,3 km at precisely 9 am

Speed Trail 1,1 km : at precisely 10:00 am


Kilometers, altitude, barriers


Kilometrage TDC anglais


The paths

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Logo TCD 100x100Colorado Trail 42 km (1563 D+ et 1563 D-)


Trail of 42 km (1563 m height difference +) to cover in solo, is the queen event of the day which cover the entire of the 42kms, at the heart of National Parc and throughout the unique landscapes in the world, ranked at the mondial heritage of UNESCO. The layout alternate technical passages in forest of various facies, a brief incursion in a village of Dos d’Âne and passages in open sky above cirque of Mafate, on a part of traditional and recent memorable layout of the mythic “diagonal of mad” .

You must participate a lap of 1,5km before going on the complete path. Be careful ! You’ll have a departure in slope that you will have to climb two times.

(GPS track here in Openrunner)

(GPS track in format KMZ and GPX)

Courbe TDC solo


LOGO RELAI 100x100The relay 24 km (996m D+/684m D-)  + 17,6 km (567m D+/879m D-)

Introduced in 2014, possible to distribute over the course of 2 runners or runners in male team, female or mixed, whatever.

The passage of relays is done at the point/ravito of the primary school Roland Jamin of Dos d’Âne, the number is passed to the next runner (cf page “Delivery of numbers“).

The starting score will be performed by the first rider in Colorado. The runner must go to Dos d’Ane by its own means.

(GPS tracks here in format KMZ et GPX)

Courbe TDC relais

Logo TDC Musaraigne fond transparent La Musaraigne, new discover lap of 5,3 km & 300m D+/D-


Concerned about the deal of our passion for the mountain race with the greatest number, we inaugurated last year a race discover of 5,3 kms. Open to school such as adults, it permit all the makings of the sporty from 12 to 112 years old discovering the mountain race on a secure course and in good humor characteristic of the Colorado Trail.

Change: Accuracy for this year, and taking into account the simultaneous conduct of the medical study on this race, the race will run in the opposite direction to the course and curve provided.

This year hiking and Nordic walking will be added on the same circuit and at the same time.

(GPS tracks here in format KMZ et GPX)

Courbe TDC Musaraigne


 Logo Speed Trail transparentSpeed trail 1,1 km

The Speedtrail is an open race and younger adolescents, that is to say 11 years to 13 years, over a distance of 1.1 km. The course is located only in the leisure area of Colorado, and resume the loop which marks the start of the solo and relay Colorado Trail.

 (GPS tracks here in format KMZ et GPX)

 Courbe TDC Speed Trail


 Logo TCD Universitaire 2The French University Trail Cup, 24,5 km (D+ 1500m)

Parallel to the Colorado Trail, the RCSD having been chosen by the bodies of university sport as co-organizer, will take place the french University trail Cup. Participation in this race is reserved for students from 18 to 26 years old.

The route begins at the Halte Là stadium (La Possession) and takes again in Dos d’Ane the layout of the 2nd relay of the Colorado Trail to arrive at the Colorado Park.

For more details, route, GPS plot, curves, etc. visit our special page here.



Racing tracks

GPS track of TDC 2017 in Openrunner, click here

Download of all GPS tracks of all races in gpx et kml format click here



IGN maps



The departure 

 The race – part 1

 The race – part 2


 The race – part 3


 La Musaraigne

TDC tracé Musareigne V2 Speed Trail


 Cartes IGN



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Totalité de la course             Nord de la course              Sud de la course


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Lataniers’s path


Dear competitors, we wish to inform you that the Lataniers’s path which leads to the Affouches post at Dos dÂne (11km) is open.

ONF planed the maintenance of this path at the right time to have a vegetation not very luxurious the day of the event. You must be respectful of natural environment on the totality of the path and think that thanks to this race you can benefit of a training lap 100% trail.

Nevertheless, you practice Trail activity which demand a minimum of physical and muscular preparation to pace up and down the difficulties. We ask you being conscious and keep a trail mind, in other words to enjoy the trail.



Site access plan


Acces plan to Colorado site at Saint-Denis

Acces plan to Dos d’Âne site at la Possession


Rules of the race


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